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Loikaw is the capital of Kayah, Myanmar’s smallest and one of its least visited states. It is located near the State’s eastern border and Myanmar’s largest hydropower plant is located 20 km east of Loikaw at Lawpita Falls and named as Lawpita Hydropower Plant. It is the main electric power source in Myanmar.


You will discover beautiful Kayah hill sceneries and a large number of distinctive tribal cultures,the most internationally famous of which are the Kayan, whose ‘long-necked’ womenfolk have a tradition of sporting coils around their necks. The centerpiece of Loikaw is the Taung Kwe Pagoda, which comprises a number of white and gold monuments sitting on top of limestone outcrops which jut dramatically from the surrounding plains. There are other similar, but smaller,outcrops dotted around Loikaw; most have pagodas on them and make for a unique
landscape. There is also a beautiful waterfall named Htee Sel Khar and it takes about 40 mins from Loikaw.