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Pyu Sri Kestra

Pyu Ancient Cities, Pyay, Myanmar. ... I had wanted to visit the ancient city of Sri Kestra on the outskirts of Pyay and, to be honest, was the main reason I was here. ... Sri Kestra was the largest of the cities built by the Pyu people between the first and ninth centuries.

Myanmar's First Unesco World Heritage Listing

The acient city-states of Pyu became Myanmar’s first entry into the UNESCO World Heritage List, with the three sites securing the endorsement of the World Heritage Committee.At Sri Ksetra in Bago Division, the ruins of what was once Southeast Asia’s largest walled city cover an area of about 18 square miles, with the remains of a royal palace at the center. Hanlin in Sagaing Division and Beikthano in Magwe Division likewise include the ruins – enclosed by the remains of brick fortifications and featuring elaborate irrigation systems – of ancient Pyu city – states.