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Myeik Archipelago

MYEIK ARCHIPELAGO: Previously known as the Mergui Archipelago these are a loose cluster of of islands in the Andaman Sea off the Myanma's Tanintharyi(Tennesserim) coast.There are approximately 800 islands in the area, some huge but many small, with some just a speck of jutting rocky outcrop above the crashing waves. Many has names like Zadetgyi, or Thahtaygyun or Myinkywa Gyun but others just numbers like Island 115. Also in this area is Myanmar's first Marine National Park; the Lumpi Marine National Park. But what all has in common is the undisturbed nature of the islands and beaches. The underwater paradise of clear blue waters and darting tropical fishes invites many underwater enthusiasts. On Ma Kyun Ga Let Island across from the Lumpi Marine National Park is the Ma Kyun Ga Let Moken ethnic village. Moken (or Salones in Myanmar language) are sea gypsies, so called because they wander around the archipelago to harvest the sea\; sea cucumbers, pearls jellyfish etc. All their belongings and the whole family, including the family dog, sail from one island to another during the fair weather season. They only come in to make camp on an island when the seas start to become rough with the approaching monsoon winds. Visitors can sail to these islands on their own yachts from Phuket or fly down from Yangon to Kawthoung(previously known as Victoria Point, the southernmost town in Myanmar just across the Thai border. The visitors also have a choice of staying at Kawthoung and hire a live-aboard to explore the islands or choose the Andaman Resort on Kha Yin Gwa Kyun, about 40 miles into the blue Andaman Sea.

Myeik Archipelago

It was called Mergui during the Olden days and it has a long and interesting history. Myeik once belonged to the Thais and was the principal seaport for the Thai Ayuthaya Kingdom, just across the mountains. The Customs Agent at Mergui, appointed by the Thai Court was a colourful Englishman, Samuel White of Bath, England, when England was under James II. But now most of the historical buildings are no more but the town still enjoys the reputation of an entry point to the beautiful Myeik Archipelago.
Myeik is accessible by air from Yangon. There are adequate accommodations in town also.