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In the far north 25 miles from the the confluence of May Kha and Malikha rivers where the Mighty Ayeyarwaddy river rises is the Kachin State Capital City. So many Kachin sub groups can be seen with their decorated silver motifs, thick cotton fabrics and woven materials.
Can take a river ferry to Bhamo on the way absorbing the spectacular views of the virgin jungle and the first defile.


A city located 186 km south from Myitkyina is on the Ayarwadyy River and happens to be nearest port to China's Yunnan province[1]. Inhabited by Chinese, Shan and Kachin, it is also a trading city for items to and from China.The ruins of the old city walls dating from the fifth Century still exist,about 5 km from the town..


Can reach only by flight to this city with snow capped mountains all around. In the vicinity, Flora and Fauna can be seen, especially numerous kinds of orchids and even the rarest Black orchids can be found there.. As for fauna, one of the rarest animal species, Takin, Red Panda, Grizzlies and Black Deer, are endemic in that area.Butterfly lovers had expressed their joy of finding them abundantly especially in the 1st 3 months of the year.