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Mandalay, the royal Capital for only 25 years when the British invaded Upper Burma in 1885 and exiled King Thibaw to India. King Mindon moved the Capital from neighboring Amarapura and built the Royal Palace at the center of the new city, forming a perfect square. Surrounded by a moat, it had 12 gates – 3 on each side, marked with the signs of the zodiac built entirely of teak. Mandalay Hill Pagoda and Zay Cho Super Market are the famous tourist sites. Not to leave out the Kuthodaw where the largest book in the world can be seen.

U Bein bridge

Mayor U Bein constructed the all – teak –1.6 Km bridge from discarded palace timbers more than 150 years ago across the Taung Thaman Lake.

Mingun Bell

Usually in middle of January where villagers from nearby would come in caravans or ox-carts to camp down near the Pagoda Premises. A thousand monks from nearby monasteries of a hundres villages would pass with alms bowls along to accept the offerings from the people. Duration is about two weeks.

Pyin Oo Lwin

Also known as Maymyo and also Floral City, it's actually a hill station resort used as a retreat for the British to escape the scorching heat in summer. National Kandawgyi Garden and the virgin forest around added by numerous flower plantations and gardens depict the name "Floral City”.Some typical Victorian cottages can be seen and small "stage coaches" can be hired to go clippity clopping in the city. Famous for woolen products available at the fairest prices including the hand woven items.


Inwa (Ava) is 20 km from Mandalay. Have to cross the river on a ferry and sightseeing around the city in a horse cart.The shaded green city with abundant tamarind and neem trees was a Capital in 1364. After the Capital was moved away, it was made a Capital again in 1763. The buildings like the palace and monasteries of wood and brickwork had sketches done by British emissaries. Especially the Mai Nu brick monastery of 1822 and Bagaya Monastery, built later in all teak are the interesting sites to see.


Crossing the Innwa (Ava) Bridge by car and reach Sagaing, a religious town with pagodas,temples, monasteries and nunneries, a mixture of East and West Architecture.White washed stupas and massive monasteries as well as nunneries dotted the hills camouflaged under the trees and cliffs. These places are actually sanctuaries for those wishing to escape the burning pains of secular life and in search of Nirvana and seek Enlightment.


Nearly 3 hours drive from Mandalay and take a cruise up the river or cross it westward into the Chin State closed to the Indian Border. Indian products available there at fair prices.Thanbhodday Pagoda has a spacious premise with numerous Buddha Images of various sizes and an ornate teak hall covered with Jataka Stories.Across the river are the Pho Win Taung and Shwe Ba Taung with natural caves. Pho Win Taung has narrow galleries about 20meters long and more than 3 meters high, varying in places with carvings on the inner surfaces of the cave.Shwe Ba Taung is a higher one with a similar cave and carvings all around.


Famed as Rubyland for its rubies and sapphires it lies about 200 km north of Mandalay and can be reached by a car within a day. With a pleasant cool weather, the town is situated in a valley at over 1000 m around a huge lake .

Kyaukme & Hsipaw

Kyaukme and Hsipaw can be passed through on the way to Lashio, all three in a cool valley. They have a very picturesque landscape and portray unique patterns of Shan and Burmese architecture.Should visit the famous Bawgyo Pagoda, Aungzedhi Monastery and can watch the Shan paper making workshops. in the vicinity.


Lashio accross the famous Goke Htake Bridge, a mountain town at 855 metres is a sprawling town near the Chinese border, always busy with trade coming to and from Mandalay and Ruili in China and can be reached by car in a day from Mandalay. Shan, Myanmar, Lisu , Palaung and other ethnic groups can be seen with their colorful costumes coming to the market Quan Yin San Chinese Temple,hot springs are the main tourist attractions of the city.